Italy Bike Friendly – Your cycling holiday suitable for all stays

italy bike friendly

The “Italy bike friendly” project was born from the passion for the world of tourism connected to the overwhelming desire to travel on the saddle of your own bike. The bike; in all its aspects, forms and characteristics.
Mountain bikes cross bikes, regular bikes, fat bikes; there is no limit to our way of traveling. To do so, we have decided to give you a dream; the dream of a pedal united Italy under the name of one brand: Italy Bike Friendly.

But what is our project about and to whom might it be interesting? This question arises spontaneous and is one of immediate intuitiveness. Italy Bike Friendly appeals to all persons with passion for the bike, or rather to all enterprises that will respect certain well-defined parameters, parameters that will allow the enterprise to be called ‘Bike Friendly’.

But what is a bike friendly accommodation? A bike friendly enterprise (this can even be a small shop) is an activity that equips themselves with a specific purpose, with the appropriate requirements for tourists who love to travel in company of their beloved bike. Therefore, to enter in the Italy Bike Friendly project, every accommodation needs to have storage for the bikes, accept one-night reservations, providing the possibility to have breakfast and extra dinners, a bike washing station, a rack and a lot of other facilities.

When an accommodation misses just one of the requested parameters, are they immediately banned from the Italy Bike Friendly project?
No, not at all. In this case we will provide the different activities with a Bike Friendly qualification. With this type of qualification we will use stars (from 1 to 5) to qualify the different comforts available to bikers.

Italy Bike Friendly – a guiding system for mountain biking

Our project is obviously not only about hotels and restaurants, but it is also about motion, nature, itineraries and sport. It is our goal to provide all the bike friendly activities for each region in Italy (or for each district), with some specialized, professional (qualified) mountain bike guides. Guides that will be able to let you live some unique emotions, taking you on spectacular tours from Sicily to Trentino, in their own unique and enthusiastic way.

Our guides will be linked with the accommodations on our portal and on the website you will be able to find their references, their performances, their biography and all the tours you can book under their expert guidance.
So what are you waiting for? Get in the saddle with us and start to become “Italy Bike Friendly” as well. We will be honored to welcome you in our network and to accompany you in this new adventure.